Commercial Property Insurance 101


In today’s commercial world, owning property is the new gold. This especially the case when the property is situated in a commercial area. Whether or not you develop the said property, as time passes it is expected that the property appreciates due to the ongoing development all around it. And of course, you expect things to go well. Perhaps, well enough to earn rent from the property if you do decide to develop it and hope that it wouldn’t suffer from a fire outbreak, natural disaster, or theft. But again, these are all just EXPECTATIONS. Nothing is given! It is all just a risk. What can you do to protect your investment? Let’s help you navigate the murky waters. Welcome to Commercial Property Insurance 101!

What do I need to know about Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance is a cover, shield, or protection that indemnifies your commercial property from any of the risks we have outlined in the introductory part of this piece. Commercial property insurance with a company like Southern Insurance Providers is a sure way to ensure that you have a partner that sees you as a priority watching your back if things do not go as planned.

What does my Commercial Property Insurance Cover include?

Your Commercial Property Insurance Cover with Southern Insurance Providers includes the following:

  1. The property or building itself
  2. Furniture and Machinery
  3. Television sets, computers, and other pieces of equipment used to process data
  4. Artworks
  5. Fences, signs, and other fixtures not attached to the building
  6. Trademarks and Copyrights

Do I need a Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Yes! Yes, you do. Some people mistake the need for an Insurance coverage as good as the one offered by Southern Insurance Providers with pessimism. But it isn’t! In times like these where there is an increase in natural disasters and inclement weather, it is only reasonable that while hope for the best, you get ready for the worse. And that is why choosing Southern Insurance Providers- a company committed to protecting business owners from losses due to theft or physical damage to property or equipment is a no-brainer!

What if I am just a Tenant?

Natural disasters, wildfires, theft, and a host of other unfortunate occurrences do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone. To protect your business, take the following steps:

  1. Check your rent or lease agreement
  2. Go to the part that stipulates who has the responsibility to ensure the building
  3. Where you discover that the responsibility to Insure falls on you, visit to get a free quote and the necessary help to help secure your business; or in the alternative,
  4. Where you discover that it is your Landlord that has the responsibility to insure, advice him to visit as they have the best Commercial Property Insurance cover.

Class is over! As you have learned, your Commercial Property Insurance is a fundamental piece of the growth and development of your business. When setbacks come make sure you have an insurance partner you can trust. We know one- Southern Insurance Providers.